Sporting teams understand the benefits of training away from home, in regions that take them away from their comfort zone and extend their physical and mental capacity. A new environment invigorates and challenges the mind and body, pushing both to new limits.

Training in the tropical climate of Cairns & Great Barrier Reef will challenge the physical limits of an individual and unite a team. From mild to wild, the terrain and environment of the tropics will test and extend the will, stamina and mental toughness of the most seasoned athletes.

Cairns and its surrounding region is renowned for its natural environment and tropical climate, providing a novel and exciting playground for any athlete and a perfect location for acclimatisation training.

Boasting world-class tourism infrastructure that meets the highest international scrutiny and quality sports facilities, Cairns is the ideal destination for a training camp that is sure to motivate and reward any team.

For any enquiries concerning training camps and team building, please contact Rosie Douglas.