Welcome to the Innovation Hub

“Innovation makes good business sense and it’s exciting.”
James O’Loghlin

TTNQ assembled an outstanding group of diverse speakers that included social commentator Bernard Salt giving the opening Key note speech, Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki the keynote innovation motivational speech and media personality James O’Loghlin performing the MC duties and moderating the Business Panel discussion.

The inaugural News Corp Australia Tourism Innovation Conference held in Cairns on November 6 had a very strong message for delegates wanting the key to innovation: Take time out from the day-to-day running of your business to think.

Innovation expert and media personality James O’Loghlin told the 250 delegates at the Cairns conference it was easy to sit there day after day fulfilling the requirements of your business. What is more challenging is stepping back and questioning whether things could be done better.

Social demographer Bernard Salt said we should be developing a product that fits the narrative of demographics.
Society is constantly changing and it is important to understand these markets.

He also pointed to the travel needs of each generation segment including the Baby Boomers looking for warmer wintering options and Gen X interested in a short break.

Internationally, he said the rising middle class of China would be the key to growth in Tropical North Queensland.

To understand just how big the Chinese market is, Bernard compared Beijing to New York which was considered the business capital of the world, yet Beijing is now home to more than double the number of Global 500 company headquarters than New York.

He believes Cairns is well positioned to achieve “The Dubai Effect” where wealthy Saudi Arabians moved to Dubai to run their businesses and enjoy a better lifestyle.

Dr Karl Kruszelniski challenged us to think further by turning Cairns into a zero carbon city. This is a fantastic vision for Tropical North Queensland where our promise is to be the world’s best destination to engage with nature.


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