Brand Strategy

Tropical North Queensland, Adventurous by nature is the result of a shift in Queensland’s marketing approach to focus on the tourism experience and the consumer’s emotional response rather than just focusing on a destinations attributes.

The platform profiles the broad spectrum of activities and centres around our destination hero experiences, being The Great Barrier Reef, Ancient Rainforest, Tropical Lifestyle, Indigenous Cultures and Adventure.

Tropical North Queensland, Adventurous by nature differentiates Tropical North Queensland from other Queensland destinations. It captures the essence of the region and repositions Tropical North Queensland
 as Australia’s nature-based adventure destination showcasing the best Australia has to offer in the realm of tropical experiences and nature based adventures. It also signals the evolution of an integrated Queensland brand family and compliments Queensland, Where Australia Shines as Tropical North Queensland is Where Australia Shines for adventure.

The region also adopts a dual brand strategy with Cairns & Great Barrier Reef used as the destination brand outside of Australia. This enables the region to connect with visitor buying reasons by presenting Great Barrier Reef front and Centre.

  For detailed information on all of Tropical North Queensland and Cairns & Great Barrier Reef view our Brand Style Guide.