Cartoon turtle to sell Cairns & GBR

kanban_ai__1_page_Cairns & Great Barrier Reef has a new mascot for the Japanese market. Cairpi, a cartoon-like drawing of a sea turtle, will help raise awareness of the region in future TTNQ promotional activities.

Cairpi is the creation of design student Ryoko Matsuba from Tokyo who won a competition to design the mascot. TTNQ asked the Jikei College Group for help with the Cairns & Great Barrier Reef mascot which resulted in 262 creative students from nine design colleges across Japan participating in the competition.

Ryoko will attend the launch of the Cairns & Great Barrier Reef Pop-up Shop in Tokyo on 3 November where she will see her design used as part of a $500,000 campaign in Tokyo and Osaka.

The Pop-up Shops will have HIS travel agents selling Cairns & Great Barrier Reef holiday packages. TTNQ Sales and Marketing Manager for Japan Sam Sakamoto will conduct training for the agents as part of the campaign to ensure they know how to sell region’s the products.

The Tokyo launch will be in the Ginza district which is famous for its high-end shopping. Three Indigenous performers from Tjapukai will be at the launch to do face painting, perform and have photos with customers.