Destination Tourism Plan

TTNQ’s strategic focus for destination management is to develop partnerships with agencies that carry responsibility for investment, labour and skills, and infrastructure development to achieve growth.
  Apart from our marketing partnerships with Tourism Australia (TA), Tourism and Events Queensland (TEQ), the trade and our membership, it recognises the importance of destination development partnerships in its objectives.

The following outlines key potential partners within the region. It is not designed to be a definitive list but a guide to show the type of partnerships under consideration to help drive our strategic objectives.

  • Infrastructure, planning and development: Cairns Regional Council, other TNQ Regional Councils & Shires, Advance Cairns, Regional Development Australia FNQ&TSI, DEEDI
  • Investment attraction and industry development: Advance Cairns, Cairns Regional Council and other TNQ Councils, Cairns Chamber of Commerce, DEEDI
  • Marine tourism (cruise ship strategy, home porting): Ports North, TEQ and Cruise Down Under
  • Training and skills development, service standards: QTIC and TAFE
  • Education tourism: Study Cairns, TAFE Qld, James Cook University
  • Aviation strategy: Cairns Airport, TA and TA
  • Nature based tourism / environment protection and sustainability: WTMA, GBRMPA and QPWS, DERM
  • Research: James Cook University, Cairns Institute, Bureau of Tourism Research, Australian Bureau of Statistics, Reef & Rainforest Research Centre
  • Strengthening of regional tourism networks: Local Tourism Organisations and Area Promotion Committees
  • Sports and events tourism: Cairns Regional Council and other TNQ Councils, TEQ
  • Protecting the region’s reputation: Queensland Police, all levels of government, Emergency Services and Cairns Regional Council

For all destination planning issues, please email Sarah Palmer or call +61 7 4015 1202.