Our media relations and PR activities involve working with traditional media to share TNQ’s unique and compelling stories. We host journalists and TV broadcasters in region; oversee the TNQ blog; and create partnerships with influencers and third party brands to generate content aligned to TNQ’s content priorities.

TTNQ’s Board of Directors have approved the Chief Executive will be the first point of contact for all communication with the media (both electronic and print) and will be the principal ‘spokesman’ for TTNQ. In the absence of the Chief Executive, the Chairman shall fulfil this role.

No other person is authorised to represent TTNQ or the views of the company, to the media in any way, without pre-approval.

In the absence of the CEO, the Chairman may nominate a Director to respond to the media on a specific topic, if required. This approval will be given by the Chairman for each period of absence and the Chairman will notify both the Deputy Chairman and the Chief Executive accordingly.

The Chief Executive may approve for a TTNQ Manager to speak with the media on a specific project. Authority must be sought by the Manager on each occasion and in advance of any media contact, and matters of company policy must not be discussed.

For further information contact:

Corporate Communications

T: 07 40151 201