Delegate Innovation News | Edition #5

Keeping wine fresh

TreasuryTreasury Wine Estates has adopted keg technology to guarantee freshness from the first glass of wine to the last. The wine is given optimum protection from oxidation and is never directly exposed to the propellant gas, ensuring it keeps for weeks even after broaching. Best of all, the wine tastes just as the winemaker intended.

Barrel Fresh is a practical approach to serving wine. Wine kegs take up much less space than bottles, and because they can be recycled, you don’t need to store empty kegs to await collection.

It also helps to improve wine visibility in venue. Consumers won’t buy what they can’t see! Many beverage purchases are made at the bar, so making wine more visible at the point of purchase will assist to grow wine sales in venue.

Barrel Fresh can provide customers with greater choices to purchase wine as it can be served at various serving sizes which can increase the average dollar spend per customer through trade up.   A number of premium wines from key regions are available with Barrel Fresh.