Delegate Innovation News | Edition #3

Ports North assists superyacht industry

image 5 Ports_LRForeign-flagged superyachts can now charter their vessels off Australian waters for up to 12 months following years of behind-the-scenes negotiation. Ports North was involved in the negotiations knowing the world-class Cairns Marlin Marina which welcomes about 40 of the multi-million dollar craft each year would be well placed to capitalise on this change.

By working with Superyacht Group Great Barrier Reef, Advance Cairns, Superyacht Australia and many other organisations to lobby government, Ports North was able to assist in getting the new visa arrangement get over the line in June 2015.

This opens up a new era for the superyacht industry in Cairns and the nation. Ports North is proud to have been part of such a determined and innovative team.