Our Mission

To provide proactive innovative leadership to TNQ industry, driving collaborative destination marketing initiatives that significantly grow sustainable tourism in Tropical North Queensland.

Our Vision

To be the world’s best destination to engage with nature.

Our five key areas of strategic focus 2011 – 2015

1. Grow Market Share

  • Grow international market share for all visitors to TNQ from 13% to 16% by 2015
  • Grow domestic market share for all visitors to TNQ from 3.6% to 4.2% by 2015

2. Increase Expenditure

  • Increase TNQ’s international visitor expenditure from $605M to $1.1B by 2015
  • Increase TNQ’s domestic visitor expenditure from $1.44B to $1.85B by 2015

3. Strategic Aviation Growth

  • Grow international seats (incoming) from 479,000 to 800,000
Grow domestic seats (incoming) from 2,000,000 to 2,700,000

4. Sustainable Funding

  • Increase tourism marketing funding by a minimum of $3M annually

5. Destination Management Partnerships

  • Develop partnerships with agencies that carry responsibility for investment, labour and skills, and infrastructure development to achieve growth

Key statistics for Tropical North Queensland

TTNQ’s role is to build destination awareness in Australia and in selected international holiday and business tourism markets through a targeted program of marketing activities to achieve maximum visitation, length of stay, expenditure and regional dispersal within Tropical North Queensland. TTNQ works with industry and key stakeholders to achieve this objective.

TTNQ is committed to the community and sustaining the unique culture and environments of Tropical North Queensland.